Especially for our new guests, this getting-to-know-us deal is a wonderful and welcoming gateway. Just walk through it and discover the idyllic country retreat of the "Landidyll" Hotel Birkenhof and also the fascinating Hunsrück.

You will be captivated not only by the countryside but will also fall under the spell of our culinary delicacies.

6 for 5 - stay 6 nights and pay for 5

First-time visitors to the "Landidyll" Hotel Birkenhof or those who already belong to our family of regulars all acquire the taste for more when they take part in the package known as the Hunsrück Week.

What sort of a winter would it be without a juicy, scrumptious, roast goose? The goose for the Feast of St. Martin, eaten with red cabbage and homemade potato dumplings, is traditionally served every year on 11 November. But we make this culinary highlight available from the end of October right up to mid-December.
Come and savour with us the treat of succulent roast goose, being served from 20 October to 10 December 2017. 

Experience - Enjoy - Feel Good

Everything that you expect from a super holiday and even more. Whether you plan on putting your feet up and unwinding or you feel you need to spend a few days out and about in the fresh air. All you have to do is to book our Gourmet Days offer - we see to everything else. It's high time for a spot of self-indulgence!

Come to the wonderful Hunsrück, feel the wind in your face and savour Nature in all its glory. Enjoy the thrill of downhill biking or take it easy ambling along the banks of the Rhine, the Nahe or the Moselle.

Rugged, weather-beaten castles, splendid palaces, romantic river valleys and the magnificent Hunsrück hills. In such proximity to the Rhine valley, the River Nahe and the River Moselle, there is no shortage of opportunities to embark on hiking tours and exciting voyages of discovery throughout the countryside.

You'd like to celebrate your wedding anniversary or perhaps make your partner's birthday that little bit different? 

Or just spend a few memorable days with the most important person in your life?

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